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Collaboration with Gibbens Bridges the Digital and the Physical Realms, Including the Launch of Unique NFTs on New Daata Marketplace, Extending Beyond the Fair

Rosie final mockupdaata.art/Chicago, IL – March 14, 2022 – This April, Daata, one of the longest-standing art organizations that supports artists in realizing artworks that bridge digital and physical media, will debut a new body of work by artist Rosie Gibbens in her first solo U.S. exhibition, at EXPO CHICAGO (April 7-10, 2022). Gibbens’ comprehensive installation, The New Me, centers around an absurd, dystopian retro-futurist vision of consumerism, in which a large corporation called Illium manufactures and markets pointless products to bored consumers. Daata’s presentation at EXPO, fittingly staged within an exhibitor’s booth at the annual fair--in effect, a trade show--will transform into a corporate demonstration promoting these nonsensical items, which are satirically advertised to EXPO’s own visitors.

The installation The New Me consists of three video works, each a surreal advertisement for an Illium product. Among them are a contraption for “increasing intimacy” while brushing one’s teeth, an exercise machine that strokes the user’s face to evoke cat-like reactions, and a stylish outfit composed of sponges that facilitates housecleaning with the wearer’s full body. Ultimately, these products operate as self-parody as they fail in their promise to increase efficiency and enable multi-tasking. The video 

advertisements are supplemented by additional physical marketing materials such as printed “promotional” leaflets and hand-sewn soft toys that demonstrate Gibbens’ interest in the way advertisers use cuteness to elicit different responses. These wide-eyed, pink creatures carry QR codes that can be scanned to reveal augmented reality (AR) visualizations of the products, allowing visitors to “test” the items both at the fair and externally, via Daata’s specially designed AR app.

Daata’s collaboration with Gibbens also marks the launch of the artist’s first NFTs. The New Me incorporates three unique, one-of-one NFTs, which appear as digital renderings of the products, extending the presentation and longevity of Gibbens’ work beyond its physical exhibition at EXPO CHICAGO as it bridges both the digital and physical realms. Similar to the other components of The New Me, Gibbens’ NFTs lean into their own absurdity as the act of buying them becomes performance itself, and the parody continues in their demonstration of objects of desire, with their “practical” functions made meaningless in the digital realm, rendering them useful only as social status symbols.

With the launch of its new NFT marketplace, Daata creates another avenue through which it can bridge art IRL and online, to nurture a broader appreciation of and support for artists working in time-based mediums. Daata’s approach to NFTs is one of reinvestment in artists and the art ecosystem, with Daata’s proceeds going back to directly fund the production of new work, as well as to enable patronage from an online community. More details about Daata’s new patronage model, marketplace, and NFT drops with its partner artists will be announced over the coming months.

“Daata’s participation in EXPO CHICAGO 2022 demonstrates the full scope of how we collaborate with artists, providing them with opportunities to experiment and push the boundaries of their practices, explore a range of mediums and technologies, and gain exposure to new audiences,” said David Gryn, Director and Founder of Daata. “We are thrilled to work with Rosie Gibbens to develop such an expansive project that it serves as the inaugural drop on our marketplace, her first solo U.S. presentation, and also her first NFT drop. It allows us to realize our mission by bringing increased recognition to artworks created on the cutting edge of technology and enabling new systems for supporting artists.”

Daata’s participation in EXPO extends to IN/SITU, a concentrated display of large-scale sculpture, video, film, augmented reality, and site-specific works installed throughout EXPO's Festival Hall and the city of Chicago, curated by Marcella Beccaria, Chief Curator and Curator of Collections at Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Turin, Italy. This year’s edition marks the first occasion that IN/SITU features a section dedicated to digital works, including several pieces developed from Daata’s collaborations with artist collective Keiken (in collaboration with CGI-artist George Jasper Stone) and visual artist aaajiao. For more information on the 2022 IN/SITU program, click here.

Rosie Gibbens is a London-based artist who works primarily in performance and video. Through her work, Gibbens magnifies elements of contemporary life which seem absurd to her, looking at the world as though she were an alien visitor, attempting but not quite managing to conform. Her observations focus primarily on gender performativity, sexual politics, consumerist culture, and their overlaps. This repeatedly manifests through the misuse of objects and garments in performances and videos, which are often re-purposed for “chain reactions” which achieve simple tasks in overly complicated ways. Gibbens engages with the way that (young, cis) female bodies are used as a landscape on which desire for commodities are constructed, framing her work as perverse product demonstrations or adverts—taking the term “sex sells” too literally. She graduated with an MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art (2018) and a BA in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins (2015).

Founded in 2015, Daata collaborates with artists to help them realize their visions, including making new work in digital media. Daata has commissioned over 700 new works and partnered with over 100 established and emerging artists, and also curates projects and exhibitions, online and offline, to nurture a broader appreciation of artists working at the vanguard of screen-based art. Through real-world projects and collaborations, Daata aims to develop both institutional and public recognition for artists working in this field, reaching the public at-large as well as established art audiences and those at new frontiers of digital. Daata has collaborated internationally with museums, collections, art fairs, festivals and other organizations including NASA, Hammer Museum, Kiasma, Julia Stoschek Collection, The Bass, MOCAD, Art Basel, Frieze, EXPO CHICAGO, Phillips, Independent Art Fair, NADA, Art Fair Philippines, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, and Art Cologne. More information is available at daata.art.


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