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Cycle of Community Funding for Partner Artist Projects and User Reinvestment in The Marketplace to be Realized in Fall 2022

Trulee Hall 1daata.art – May 3, 2022 – Daata, an innovative art organization that supports artists in realizing works that bridge digital and physical media from concept through production, will host an ongoing series of NFT drops from Spring 2022 on its recently launched NFT marketplace. Over the coming months, Daata will release NFTs of new and heritage works in partnership with artists and artist collectives who are leading practitioners in digital art, including Keiken, Petra Cortright, and Rachel Maclean, and will mint its own membership token—the Daataverse Token—devised to catalyze ongoing engagement and investment in its community by artists, collectors, and arts and crypto enthusiasts. 

Daata’s NFT marketplace plays a central role in the “Daataverse”—a digital community conceived as a virtual place of convening for users from both arts and crypto backgrounds. In keeping with Daata’s artist-centric mission of collaboration, the Daataverse functions as a digital ecosystem rooted in discourse, networking, innovation, and nurturing of boundary-bending creativity. With its dual focus of reaching both arts and crypto audiences, as well as its roots in the legacy art world and IRL arts programming, Daata offers participants from both contexts an easily navigable entry point to learning about, connecting with, and taking part in the other.  

In late May 2022, Daata will launch the Keiken-designed Daataverse Token, marking its next phase of community building by enabling new and early users to support and invest in the marketplace. Daata partner artists, subscribers, and collectors are eligible to receive a gifted Token, for which they register with Daata via email or Discord to have their Token airdropped to their MetaMask wallet along with instructions on how to view the Token, claim their Daataverse Discord role, and access Daata’s gated channels. Following this gifting period, the Token will be available for purchase and minting from Daata’s marketplace. Participants can use the token to gain entry to special digital and physical programming, including artist talks, virtual studio visits, screenings, and Discord chats. Token holders can also obtain advance and exclusive access to Daata’s new NFT drops, invitations to art fairs and exhibition openings, and special artist-designed products. 

Beginning in May 2022, Daata’s next wave in an ongoing series of unique and editioned NFT drops based on new and heritage works by partner artists includes: 

  • Trulee Hall’s Two Heads, Two Ways, a dark, fantastical exploration of the possibilities of self and the alter ego, timed to Daata’s presentation at NADA NYC (May 5-8, 2022) of the artist’s original video work from 2020; 
  • Molly Soda’s Forgive Me But I’m Obsessed With This Dance—dropping in summer 2022—a contemporary reimagining of the “dancing plague” that occurred in Strasbourg in 1518, a mass hysteria contemporaneously ascribed to demonic possession; 
  • New NFT works by artist collective Keiken, slated for September 2022, including Wisdom Tokens, which explores the concept of wisdom as a tradeable currency with unique “Wisdom Tokens” that will be used to access future drops and have utility in the Keiken metaverse, and Avatars, launching both as NFTs with maximum metaverse interoperability and as a VR experience through which users can view themselves as avatars; and,  
  • Throughout fall 2022 and early 2023, new and heritage drops by Daata partner artists including Rachel Maclean’s Mint Mi + Box Mi, which follows Mimi, the artist’s fairy-tale avatar of end-game Capitalism; Georgie Roxby Smith’s farcical examination of consumerism Ain’t Free; Katie Torn’s Selfies series; and works by Petra Cortright, Anaïs Duplan, Keren Cytter, Sara Ludy, Ed Fornieles, and many others. 


As drop dates get closer, more information will be shared on Daata’s marketplace, https://nft.daata.art/home

“Daata’s growing partnerships with artists who are both breaking into and building their practices within the NFT space marks the advancement of our mission to support creatives working at the forefront of digital mediums and groundbreaking technology,” said David Gryn, Founder and Director of Daata. “We are thrilled to offer our Daataverse participants new and exciting ways to engage with our artists and each other to foster appreciation and excitement around new developments at the intersection of art and crypto. We look forward to this next phase of community building and expanded accessibility and engagement for our collectors, users, and collaborators.” 

“I’m delighted to be working with Daata to release my first NFT,” said artist Trulee Hall. “The marriage of art and blockchain is absolutely brilliant, totally practical, and based on core ideologies I agree with. Although my practice encompasses sculpture, paintings, and installations, the most satisfying and all-encompassing mode of communication for me is video. Collecting video art through NFTs is a fantastic way of supporting practices like mine and ensures collectors are buying the real unique thing when they buy a video edition.”  

In advancement of its long-term mission of establishing a fully self-sustaining and self-funded community, Daata has also developed a roadmap for a community funding structure that it will realize in fall 2022. Daata’s patronage model centers on recurring funding events through which Daataverse participants form a micro-DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to finance an artist’s creation of a new work, which is then sold through Daata’s marketplace. Sales revenue of the primary artwork and any NFTs or artist products based on the work in turn goes to the artist, with a commission fee to Daata, thereby galvanizing a cycle of reinvestment in Daata’s partner artists. The Daataverse marketplace currently supports reserve auctions and editioned works and allows NFT owners to re-list their NFTs at auction, and, with the implementation of its enhanced structure, it will expand its capabilities to include supporting fixed price sales, early access moments, and the sales of AR (augmented reality) works.  


Founded in 2015, Daata collaborates with artists to help them realize their visions, including making new work in digital media. Daata has commissioned over 700 new works and partnered with over 100 established and emerging artists, and also curates projects and exhibitions, online and offline, to nurture a broader appreciation of artists working at the vanguard of screen-based art. Through real-world projects and collaborations, Daata aims to develop both institutional and public recognition for artists working in this field, reaching the public at-large as well as established art audiences and those at new frontiers of digital. Daata has collaborated internationally with museums, collections, art fairs, festivals and other organizations including NASA, Hammer Museum, Kiasma, Julia Stoschek Collection, The Bass, MOCAD, Art Basel, Frieze, EXPO CHICAGO, Phillips, Independent Art Fair, NADA, Art Fair Philippines, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, and Art Cologne. More information is available at daata.art. 

Image from Two Heads, Two Ways; courtesy of Daata and the artist.


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