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January at CMOM: Starting the New Year Right

Every month at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, visitors of all ages can get creative and participate in a range of different art-making activities, workshops, dance, music and read-alouds.

Leaping into a fresh program lineup for learning and loving, CMOM invites you to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision for a “Beloved Community” throughout the month of January, with a range of hands-on projects—writing, drawing, painting, collaging, and building a more just and inclusive future.

CMOM is also charting exciting science adventures for early learners that help jumpstart their curiosity in the new year with explorations of travel and traditions from the arctic to the desert. A full lineup of programs, all of which are free with admission, follows below:

Beloved Community Creations: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Explore Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Beloved Community,” his global vision for our world based on justice, inclusivity, equal opportunity, and a love for others. Visit CMOM’s Inside Art exhibition to create art with purpose as we learn about one of four themes found in Dr. King's vision each week.

Honored in Portrait

A Beloved Community Honors Black leaders. Explore different artist paintings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the book I Have a Dream, listen to excerpts from Dr. King’s iconic speech, and express your vision of peace and respect in a painting of this influential leader.

Wednesday –Sunday, 
January 5 – 9
1st Floor | Inside Art

Building a Beloved Community Mural

A Beloved Community is where love grows beyond bounds. Help us build a collection of ideas and wishes for a beloved community. Write, draw, color, and collage onto a rainbow of sticky notes that will collect into a massive community mural all week long.

Wednesday – Monday, 
January 12 – 17
1st Floor | Inside Art

Healing Homes and Habitats

There are many ways our world needs healing. People need homes, fair treatment, and food, animals need safe spaces to thrive, and our forests need protecting. Explore the designs of architects like Paul Revere Williams, Norma Merrick Sklarek, David Adjaye, and others as you draw, design, and build a solution to an issue important to you.

Wednesday – Sunday, 
January 19 – 23
1st Floor | Inside Art

Pledge for the Future: Comic Book Creations

In a Beloved Community, we keep working when things get difficult. Imagine you had the power to meet any challenge our world may face. Find inspiration from the work of science fiction author Octavia Butler to create a comic book character that shares your vision and pledge for a better future.

Wednesday – Friday, 
January 26 – 28
1st Floor | Inside Art
Science Adventures for Early LearnersSample some science for the small ones in CMOM’s early childhood exhibition, PlayWorks, all month long. Experiment with a new theme every week.

Flying Wonders: Hot Air Balloon Science

How do hot air balloons work? Learn the science behind this awesome aircraft as we work together to create a working hot air balloon.

Wednesday, January 5 & Friday – Sunday, 
January 7 – 9
3rd Floor | PlayWorks

Flying Wonders: Sensational Soaring Kites

It’s still winter in NYC, but they’re preparing for spring with kite festivals in other parts of the world! Celebrate Uttarayan, India’s International Kite Festival, as you design and decorate a kite to soar through the sky.

Wednesday – Friday, 
January 12 – 14
3rd Floor | PlayWorks

Día de Reyes Caravan of Camels

Camels are very important to Día de Reyes. Learn more about these amazing animals as you perform stories of travel and trade with your camel puppets.

Thursday, January 6 
3rd Floor | PlayWorks

Arctic Adventures: Penguin Puppetry

Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day with CMOM by designing a waddling penguin puppet.

Wednesday – Sunday, 
January 19 – 23
3rd Floor | PlayWorks

Arctic Adventures: Hide & Seek Art

Why are so many animals that live in the arctic the same color? Learn about camouflage as we make snowy landscapes with hidden animal surprises inside.

Wednesday – Friday, 
January 26 – 28
3rd Floor | PlayWorks


About CMOM: Hours, Admissions, and Exhibition Programs

A steward of early childhood education and development, CMOM offers imaginative and enriching programs that support, challenge, and inspire. Children and their caretakers are invited to explore all their favorite installations across the four-floor museum, from long-term displays, including PlayWorks and Adventures with Dora and Diego, to special exhibitions Inside Art, Superpowered Metropolis, and Right to Vote.

CMOM is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10am – 5pm, with timed entry throughout the day. Visitors are encouraged to purchase timed-entry tickets online in advance. Admission is free for all members and $15 for non-members, and provides entry to all CMOM programs and exhibitions.

Please note, all visitors ages 5 and above are required to provide proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and those 18 and above must also show identification. Beginning December 27, 2021, all visitors ages 12 and older will be required to show proof of two vaccine doses, except for those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. CMOM continues to require mask wearing in the museum for CMOM visitors ages 2 and above.

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