Clifton, NJ,
15:53 PM

Quest Diagnostics Unveiled Next-Generation Lab Facility Designed by Mark Cavagnero Associates

This week, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services, unveiled its 250,000 sq. ft. new laboratory facility in Clifton, NJ, designed by Mark Cavagnero Associates (Cavagnero). The new biotech landmark, which is now the largest automated specimen testing facility in the world, provides routine testing for more than 40 million people annually across the Northeast and provides over one thousand jobs. This marks Cavagnero’s second project with the company—following their 2018 renovation of Quest’s headquarters—and has earned Cavagnero New Jersey’s Leading Infrastructure Project Award, for their highly collaborative approach in bringing to life an innovative new building and a major economic engine for the state.

Incorporating automation technology at an unprecedented scale, the new facility provides more comprehensive testing offerings, quicker turnarounds, and increased capacity. Breaking down the traditional silos between disciplines and introducing new channels for communication, the new flagship operation brings together clinical, laboratory, and administrative offices, previously housed in four different locations on campus, to create a vibrant and inviting central resource.

Details on Cavagnero’s design for the new laboratory site follow below. For more information on Mark Cavagnero Associates and Quest Diagnostics Clifton, please contact Madison Richards at or 212-671-5189.

WHAT: Quest Diagnostics opened a new state-of-the-art testing campus, designed by Cavagnero. Welcoming staff and visitors alike, the opening represents a more than $250 million commitment to Quest’s community and showcases pathways for industry leadership and innovation through communication and collaboration.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 12, 2021

WHERE: Quest Diagnostics Clifton, 1 Insights Drive, Clifton, NJ 07012

DESIGN: Manifesting a culture of innovation through collaboration, Cavagnero’s design features seamless indoor/outdoor connectivity, light-filled workstations, and generous mixed-use social spaces. The central building at Quest Diagnostics Clifton consists of large ground-level laboratory and laboratory support spaces and second floor offices and indoor/outdoor amenity spaces arranged as a linear bar along the north side of building.

Supporting openness and relationship-building, the facility is anchored by a skylight-topped “communication staircase” for cross-departmental engagement, and the Oculus— a curved glass observation mezzanine that offers staff and visitors an intimate view of lab operations without interrupting floor productivity.

The structure uses a high-performance glass façade that reduces climate control needs and boosts energy savings, while maximizing transparency and natural light. The laboratory building is joined by a five-story parking garage in an L shaped scheme that breaks down the overall scale of the site into smaller volumes, and creates a welcoming entrance with an open plaza.

With sensitive consideration of industry and technology conditions, Cavagnero’s design creates a flexible environment that can nimbly respond to evolving needs and capabilities.


Image: Quest Diagnostics Clifton. Photo credit: Jeff Goldberg/Esto.


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