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Safdie Architects Partners with Uribe & Schwarzkopf to Design New Residential Tower in Quito, Ecuador


Building on the firm’s continued quest to advance innovations in housing design, the 24-story tower, to be one of Quito’s tallest, expands Safdie Architects’ work in South America

Building on the firm’s continued quest to advance innovations in housing design, the 24-story tower, to be one of Quito’s tallest, expands Safdie Architects’ work in South America

Safdie Architects (SA) has been selected to design Qorner, a new residential tower in Quito, Ecuador, in collaboration with leading Ecuadorean construction firm, Uribe & Schwarzkopf, renowned for delivering iconic residential projects in Ecuador’s capital and beyond. The 24-story tower, overlooking La Carolina Park, features vertically stacked dwellings with units staggered in and out, creating generous garden terraces on each level. Qorner is Safdie Architects’ first residential building in South America, and first project in Ecuador.

In partnership with internationally recognized architects, Uribe & Schwarzkopf has worked to develop Quito into the premier architectural hub in the country and South America. As a result of this effort, Uribe & Schwarzkopf has collaborated with world-class firms such as Safdie Architects, among others, who have found it possible to leave their signature on the city. Together with a visionary team, Uribe & Schwarzkopf has focused on urban development with style, height, design and, above all, premium quality.

“SA is delighted to join forces with Uribe & Schwarzkopf, given their extensive track record of delivering high quality, well-crafted buildings,” said Moshe Safdie. “We pride ourselves on developing projects unique to the place and program, and at the same time, incorporating principles that have long guided our work. While our projects around the world are diverse, our principles remain steadfast for each one: access to green space, the maximization of daylight and views in each dwelling, and fostering a sense of a ‘vertical neighborhood’ wherein each apartment forms part of a greater whole.”

Making the most of an extremely small area, Qorner is sited to take full advantage of its location overlooking La Carolina Park. The fractalized tower profile features private landscaped terraces and a green garden wall on the north façade to maximize indoor-outdoor living.

Qorner expands the firm’s work in South America, which includes the Albert Einstein Education and Research Center in São Paulo, Brazil and the Serena Del Mar Hospital in Cartagena, Colombia. Along with Moshe Safdie, the Safdie Architects project team will be led by Principals Jaron Lubin and Sean Scensor.

Project Consultants

Design Architect: Safdie Architects

Executive Architect: Uribe & Schwarzkopf

Structural Engineers: Arup and Fernando Romo (Ecuador)

Landscape Design Consultant: Greenstar (Ecuador)

About Safdie Architects

Safdie Architects is an architecture and urban design studio imbued with a spirit of idealism and innovation. With intense personal involvement of Moshe Safdie and the core group of principals, the practice operates in the model of a design studio environment—research-oriented and forward-thinking, drawing upon a depth of experience to solve contemporary building challenges in imaginative and unexpected ways.

The firm’s recently completed residential projects around the world include Singapore (Sky Habitat) and Qinhuangdao, China (Habitat Qinhuangdao), as well as projects under construction in Colombo, Sri Lanka (Altair) and Toronto, Canada (Monde).

About Uribe & Schwarzkopf

URIBE & SCHWARZKOPF "At the Height of the World"

We leave an indelible, avant-garde and disruptive legacy in Ecuador’s design and architecture profile. Uribe & Schwarzkopf celebrates 45 years of building more than 120 projects in Ecuador, which is almost unprecedented for an Ecuadorian company. Our work has made an economic and social impact in the creation of more than 3,000 jobs in different areas, which affects more than 20,000 families. Uribe & Schwarzkopf does not just develop real estate projects, but creates buildings that are considered real "works of art".

We aim to go a step beyond standards to change Ecuador’s profile, becoming a key component for growth and evolution. We are pioneers in the use of technology and leaders in design and construction innovation, providing integral services to improve the quality of life of our clients. We work under strict parameters of sustainability and functionality. Through our unique designs, we break schemes, generate trends, and set guidelines in the evolution of the future of our city’s architecture, combining environmental awareness, responsible development, and lifestyle improvements.