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Superblue Welcomes Therme Group as Strategic Investor


Leading Wellbeing Organization Therme Group Joins Superblue in Advocacy for Experiential Art and Public Wellbeing

Leading Wellbeing Organization Therme Group Joins Superblue in Advocacy for Experiential Art and Public Wellbeing

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, Co-founder and CEO of Superblue, and Mikolaj Sekutowicz, CEO of Therme Art, announced today that Therme Art has become a strategic investor in Superblue, the ground-breaking new company dedicated to advocacy for and public engagement with experiential art. Therme Art is part of Therme Group, a leading global wellbeing organization. The group will provide expertise and resources to Superblue to advance their aligned visions for the realization of interactive experiences that foster social awareness, exchange, and impact.

Launching its first public center in Miami this spring with installations by Es Devlin, teamLab, and James Turrell, Superblue is pioneering a new model for audiences to engage with the work of leading experiential artists outside of the traditional frameworks of museums, commercial galleries, and temporary art events. Featuring long-term installations, Superblue experiential art centers are specifically conceived for the presentation of large-scale works that make visitors active parts of the art itself. Through their work, Superblue artists catalyze engagement with pressing issues of our time and provoke new ways of understanding ourselves and our symbiotic relationship to each other and the world.

Driven by a belief in “wellbeing for all,” Therme Group's vision is to create the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts, achieved by harnessing the complex interplay of nature, technology, and culture. Through its Therme Art initiative, Therme Group is creating environments where art intersects with built and environmental architecture, creating opportunities for artists, designers, and architects to push the boundaries of their imaginations in order to create new forms of spaces for viewers to have a heightened sensorial experience. In the future, the concept of immersive digital art experiences will form part of Therme Group’s portfolio and will be made available in its wellbeing resorts.

Therme Group brings to Superblue its extensive and highly customized operational experience and capabilities in high-volume ticketed experiences. The latest move deepens the long-standing collaboration between Therme Art, Superblue, and its artists, which has included the co-commissioning and presentation of Franchise Freedom by DRIFT in cities around the world since 2017.

“There is a tremendous alignment of values and vision between Superblue and Therme Group in our shared belief in the role that artists play in our wellbeing as individuals and as a society,” stated Dent-Brocklehurst. “Our collaboration, therefore, represents a natural and dynamic partnership in advancing the mission and goals of both Superblue and Therme Group.”

Speaking of the new partnership, Therme Art’s Co-founder, CEO and Curator Mikolaj Sekutowicz said, “Therme Art was founded to put culture at the very heart of Therme Group’s new urban development strategy. There is an urgent need to reimagine our cities across social, economic, and environmental dimensions. Culture is a key factor in this. Within the art community, Superblue empowers the most creative people in our society to realize ground-breaking projects which reflect the much-needed shift from an economy based solely on transactions to an economy of cultural experiences that foster mental and physical wellbeing.”

Superblue is pending certified B Corporation status and is dedicated both in its programming and operations to sustainability, community benefit, and providing artists with public platforms for advocating new ideas and new visions. Therme Group joins founding partner Emerson Collective, an organization committed to building a just and equitable world, as an investor and resource to Superblue, adding to the incomparable expertise in art, technology, business, and social impact reflected across Superblue’s leadership team and partners.

“Superblue was created in response to the public’s rapidly growing interest in experiential art that provokes new ways of understanding ourselves and the world around us,” added Marc Glimcher, Co-founder and Board Chair of Superblue. “Our collaboration with Therme Art advances Superblue’s mission to bring these transformative, ambitious works to a global audience.”

Therme Group Co-founder, CEO and Chairman Dr. Robert Hanea added, “Therme Group’s global strategy is not based on competition, but on collaboration and support. We are creating a collection of partnerships, strategic alliances and joint ventures that allow us to deliver on one of the most pressing and complex challenges of humankind: a new Wellbeing City for us and our environment. In this collection of excellence Superblue has a key role, providing the much-needed content for the city to come.”


About Superblue

Superblue is a ground-breaking new enterprise dedicated to supporting artists in realizing their most ambitious visions and engaging audiences with experiential art. Its network of artists encompasses the leading practitioners of experiential art, whose practices catalyze engagement with the most pressing issues of our time and generate new perspectives on our world.

Through its experiential art centers, which are specifically designed for presenting large-scale, immersive art installations, Superblue provides artists with expanded opportunities to transport audiences to the new worlds they create. Superblue additionally acts as an advocate and agent for experiential artists by fostering opportunities for them to expand the reach of their work through collaborations with museums, collectors, visual and performing arts festivals, architects, municipalities, and place-makers. Superblue provides these partners with unparalleled expertise and support for the production, installation, and presentation of large-scale experiential works, through collaborative presentations, public and private commissions, and acquisitions.

In the coming years, Superblue will open new experiential centers across the U.S. and internationally and is developing augmented and virtual reality platforms for artists who are exploring our rapidly evolving relationship with the digital realm.

Further information: superblue.com.

About Therme Art

Therme Art works with internationally renowned artists and architects, as well as emerging talents, to commission and develop site-specific artistic projects that challenge the limitations of conventional exhibition spaces and redefine contemporary art viewing. Therme Art provides the resources and means required to fulfill artists’ visions which cannot be realized in galleries or museums, regardless of their complexity, production, installation, and long-term maintenance. Therme Art’s artists challenge the limitations of conventional art spaces, whether it be playing with the architectural elements of an environment, developing entire ecosystems, or creating immersive installations that transform visitors’ experiences.

Therme Art has supported the Serpentine Pavilions, the Frieze Art & Architecture Conference, the British Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, and Design Miami. Its art and talks programmes have featured artists including Francis Kéré, Sumayya Vally, Junya Ishigami, Frida Escobedo, teamLab, Arthur Mamou-Mani, DRIFT, and Jeppe Hein.

Further information: therme.art

About Therme Group

Therme Group is a leading global wellbeing provider designing, constructing, and operating the world’s largest wellbeing facilities. Its contemporary urban development proposition incorporates environmental concepts to re-integrate nature into everyday life. Therme Group’s facilities combine its innovative sustainable technologies with human-oriented design. Drawing upon the tradition of ancient thermal baths, which were designed to be healing, social, and egalitarian settings, Therme Group builds environments that nurture the mind and body for visitors of all ages and demographics, creating healthy and resilient communities.

Further information: thermegroup.com