The Jerusalem Foundation


Client since: 2019

Founded by Mayor Teddy Kollek in 1966, the Jerusalem Foundation has worked on behalf of the city of Jerusalem and its people for more than 50 years to shape an open, vibrant, and resilient community that serves as a global destination for the arts, culture, science, technology, and industry and supports the daily needs and aspirations of its residents. Since its establishment, the Foundation has invested in more than 4,000 projects throughout the city, ranging from the physical, developing parks and cultural centers, neighborhood community and sports facilities, health centers and synagogues; to the programmatic, delivering education and literacy, cultural competency, and economic vitality; to the spiritual and artistic, restoring and preserving heritage sites, including the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and the Via Dolorosa, and supporting social and cultural programming. These initiatives serve the ongoing development of the historic city and enhance Jerusalem’s contribution today to the world as an exemplary cross-communal model for the arts, culture, and ideas.




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